Keep Your Performance Evaluations!

Lately I have seen quite a few potential clients without copies of their performance evaluations or other important documents from their employment. So I wanted to take a minute to stress the importance of keeping a copy of these documents at HOME. No matter how great your job is today, I believe that an employee must protect themselves. Too many times have I seen employees come to me unprepared for the hurt and chaos that comes when they are terminated. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to keep documents that show how great of an employee you are. Keep everything that shows how good of an employee your boss thought you were. These documents include, emails, company awards, customer satisfaction reviews, etc.

One of the most important documents for you to keep are your performance evaluations. Keep the good and the bad. These performance evaluations are done for the most part to protect the company, but often in wrongful termination cases these evaluations can help you. I love it when opposing counsel comes to me and tells me that the termination was justified because this employee was so horrible, and I have a glowing performance review from the same company outlying how great this employee was just a few months before. It is also a good idea to keep your job description, employee handbook, and any documents that have your signature, such as employment contract.

Most importantly, when you begin to start having problems at work keep a record of anything that you believe may be problematic later. One final note, keep all your documents at HOME not at work. Many employers often terminate employee away from their desk and may not give them an opportunity to clear their belongings. You want to make sure you actually have possession of that the evidence you gathered.

Note: Before copying or downloading any files from your employer be sure to read your company’s policy on downloading files. Make sure that you do not violate your company’s policies while protecting yourself. If you are not sure what you can or can’t do under you company’s policy feel free to contact us.